This mistake almost cost Jennifer’s dog her life.

Charlie chocolate lab

Nobody wants to see their dog grow old. A lot of us tend to shut our eyes when it comes to old age, but the fact of the matter is…

When your furry friend reaches 5-years-old, major health issues can begin. Jennifer describes her 7-year-old Chocolate Lab, Charlie, as the best friend she’d ever had. She had gone through some tough situations and Charlie had been there through it all.

Looking back at it now, Jennifer feels that not insuring Charlie when she reached the age of 5 was one of her biggest regrets. In fact, she should have done it when she was a puppy.

When Charlie didn’t greet her at the door upon her return from work one afternoon late March, she instantly knew something terrible had happened.

Sprawled out on the living room rug and unable to stand up, Charlie could barely move without whining.

This came as a complete shock to Jennifer, who had walked Charlie earlier in the morning and left her with his morning kibble while she biked to work. Because she had not been there to witness what happened, all she could do was look at her and wonder…

Did she eat something toxic? Could she have hurt herself while lying on the floor?

A million questions ran through her mind, and her fingers couldn’t type fast enough to Google it..

  • Possible causes are: Degenerative Myelopathy, meningomyelitis, diskospondylitis, hemivertebra, neoplasms (tumors), cysts, fibrocartilaginous embolism (secondary to fractures), aortic tromboembolism, hyperadrenocorticism or Cushing Syndrome,…

What did that even mean? She had grown up around animals, but she wasn’t a veterinary professional.

And that’s when the whining grew louder. Charlie was in pain and only getting worse.

So Jennifer did the only thing every dog owner must do in situations like these.

Half past 6pm, she managed to get Charlie in the car and rushed to the emergency vet clinic.

In what felt like hours, the root cause was determined.

Internal bleeding.

It was now or never for emergency surgery. And Jennifer was not about to say goodbye forever to her best friend.

But the decision to keep her alive came at a high price. Just the prognosis alone cost Jennifer $150. And the bill was only just getting started.

  • Bloodwork: $80
  • X-ray: $150
  • Emergency surgery: $2,500

Total: $2,740

In that moment, she went completely numb. How was she going to pay such a high vet bill on top of her health insurance, rent, car loan, and student debt?

She didn’t have pet insurance, of course. The thought of something bad happening to Charlie had not even crossed her mind until that day. She had been a completely healthy pup for 7 years.

She never pictured having to choose between her best friend and her financial stability.

Of course, the thought of losing Charlie filled her with dread. Still, she sprung into action immediately.
In order to pay for Charlie’s surgery, Jennifer had to sell her car and take out a loan that she could not afford to pay for.

Charlie made it out of surgery perfectly fine. But at what cost?

Immediately after she brought her back home, Jennifer sprung into action. At the end of the day, her pup’s life mattered more than anything. If something else happened to her, she likely wouldn’t be able to afford the vet bill.

The situation, she discovered, really came down to 2 important things:

  1. If she had been able to diagnose her or at least tell the severity of the situation, she might have been able to bring her to emergency care sooner. She spent at least 60 minute of precious time Googling her symptoms and trying to research whether or not a vet is even necessary. Why? Because a single visit to the vet cost her $150, and most of the time, it was nothing.
  2. Had Charlie been insured, this emergency would have been covered. She would have left with her bill paid. Instead, she spent days wondering how to come into some money as quickly as possible in order to save her pet.

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With her $19.99/month subscription, Jennifer now has a peace of mind when it comes to Charlie’s healthcare. She is getting older, but 7 is still young!

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